Last update: January 16, 2024

All Products purchased directly through Ligne Roset Estonia are covered with a 2-year non-transferable warranty to the original purchaser.

To submit a warranty claim, please contact our customer support at info@ligneroset-estonia.ee and we'll gladly assist you.


This warranty does cover any factory defects in the

  • Material
  • Workmanship
  • Functionality of the purchased product.


Ligne Roset Estonia’s warranty does not cover product failure, problems, mishandling, or damage resulting from, but not limited to, any of the following:

  • Removal of any safety or manufacturer label(s) and sticker(s).
  • Usage not in accordance with the provided instructions and guidelines
  • Any modification, disassembly, or repair not authorized directly by Ligne Roset Estonia
  • Theft or personal loss
  • Improper connections or consumables such as non-Ligne Roset batteries or power supplies
  • Usage in environments that are beyond the product’s stated capable tolerances
  • Products that were not manufactured by Ligne Roset
  • Products that were purchased at unauthorized resellers
  • Any other cause or fault that does not pertain to material or craftsmanship defect
  • The above considerations do not affect the implied terms and rights granted under the statute

Any of the restrictions or policies above are subject to change according to local applicable law.


For us to be able to see what's wrong and to assist you properly, send us at info@ligneroset-estonia.ee:

  • Your order ID (# and 4-digit number)
  • Video or images where we can clearly see or hear the issue with the product.
  • Proof of purchase/receipt attached

If the product fails to meet its promised expectations according to this warranty policy, you will be asked to handle the return shipping and pay delivery fees for all products. Don’t worry, your shipping costs will be reimbursed once proof of them is provided to Ligne Roset Estonia.

Once your product has been returned to Ligne Roset Estonia, we, at our own discretion, will take the following steps:

  • We will inspect it.
  • If we conclude that the product malfunctioned during the warranty period, we will, at our own discretion, repair or replace the product at our expense, or refund the purchase price paid to you.
  • Should the covered product be no longer available or outdated, we will replace the defective product with the new equivalent product, if available. If an equivalent replacement product is not available, we, under its sole discretion, shall replace it with a product of equal or superior functionality and performance. Otherwise, under its sole discretion, we shall give the customer a choice of the same refund or credit terms as stated above.

Any repaired or replacement product through any warranty claim shall be covered under the same warranty terms for the remainder of the original warranty period, or thirty (30) days upon receiving the item, whichever is greater, or for the period of time required by local law, which begins from the moment of receipt of the repaired or replacement product.